Check out my SCORE on three pairs of Lanvin flats!

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  1. Say what you will about eBay, but sometimes you can still snag awesome deals. Case in point: I just bought 3 pairs of brand new, in the box, Lanvin flats. They're the suede ballet flats with the velvet bows that were from this winter. They retailed for $598 apiece in the store, which would put me at over $1,800 if I bought these in the store, but I got these three pair on eBay for a total of $432! Woot! Here's a pic of my acquisition:

  2. Great deal! Love them all; especially the brown!
  3. congrats~ it is really good deal~!!
  4. Thoase are cute, I know which seller you got them from and they had pretty crummy pics so glad to see how nice these actually are.

    Could you post a side pic so I can see how much the bow sticks up
  5. :woohoo:loving that plum colour.........

    Are they comfortable?
  6. What a great deal!
  7. That is a great deal!! So pretty & classic! Go ebay!:smile:
  8. Great deal!
  9. They are so pretty! Love the pink! Congrats on your newest editions lol!
  10. That's a great deal, congrats.
  11. i love great deals, congrats!!
  12. Great deal! They are so adorable!
  13. lucky!! congrats
  14. Ok, those are gorgeous! Congrats!
  15. woooow what a deal. so jealous!