Check out my Newest Addition!! Not a Reptile, But Not too Bad!

  1. Hey Ladies,
    Here is another addition to my growing Choo collection. It is not the Jungle Mahala or the Rainbow Ayse but it is something I found while authenticating on eBay. This is what happens when you have a laptop sitting in front of your during almost every waking minute.

    Please excuse my nosey kitty "Sammie" He just has to check eveything out. My DD thinks he a "queer cat" and would prefer being female as he seems to like all girlie things:graucho:
    DSCN3567.JPG DSCN3571.JPG DSCN3572.JPG
  2. That ciggy bag is absolutely gorgous! Your cat just happens to have as fine of taste as you in handbags. Hey, my female dogs just smell and lick mine! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!:dothewave:
  3. Robyn, it's really sleek and beautiful. Glamorous little clutch! Congratulations! It looks like it has hints of pink. I love how interested Sammie is in all your new bags.
  4. Sammie knows a great looking bag when he sees it! That is wonderful, congrats!
  5. I completely love it!!! I'm a sucker for anything gold and shiny.

  6. You aint lyin!

    Ive always liked that one. Is that gold or blush?

    Ive been thinking lately (no, really)...that Choo clutches are becoming a bit of a staple. I'm def. putting that in my mental wishlist. :tup:
  7. congrats robyn ... is BEAUTIFUL:tup: .... but where are the modeling pics??????:crybaby: ....
  8. Oooooooo, shiney! Somebody needs to take you out on the town with that clutch. :happydance:
  9. Love it Robyn! I knew you had been too quiet lately. :sneaky:Metalics are so hot this season and you can carry that one with jeans or as an evening clutch for the holidays! I just sold a pair of pink metallic JChoo heels that would have gone well with it! Of course they were size 38...a tad large for you.
  10. That clutch is awesome! :tup:
  11. Thanks for your kind words Everyone:flowers:

    Now that things have calmed down (I was in the middle of trying to deal with a bomb threat @ my DD high school :cursing:when my Ciggy arrived) and I can make the photos smaller, I will add some additional photos!

    The 2 photos at the end are of Spike when I had the box waiting for the DHL guy to pick up the "Rock"

    You had to leave the box open to allow the driver to verify the contents and Spike decided she did not want the Rock to leave:crybaby: so she climbed in the box to guard it:cutesy:
    CIGGYLILACTAG.jpg ciggy3.jpg ciggyflap.jpg spikerocks.jpg spikerocks2.jpg
  12. Oh wow, that clutch is the $^*&. lol

    Did someone mention you were going overseas soon?? Are you planning on shopping alot :sneaky:
  13. I want one of each....a Ciggy and a Spike .How cute!
  14. Oh Robyn, your kitty is sooo cute. You are making me want another one! But we live in the country and kitties disappear around here...lots of big birds and other wild animals, I don't want to go thru the heartbreak again:crybaby:
  15. I leave you alone for one day....ONE DAY....and this is what happens!! Geesh... ;)

    I love the Ciggy! I've never been a big fan of clutches and evening bags, but JC has definitely changed the way I feel about that. They're not boring, they have a bit of an edge to them that I really like!

    Congratulations on the new bag, it's gorgeous!! :yahoo: