Check out my new wristlet

  1. Just bought this over the weekend. I haven't seen this pattern design before, has anyone seen it????
  2. CUTE! I am actually heading down to my outlet today because I am dying for something zebra.
  3. it is nice, I want one.
  4. Cute! The zebra stuff came out last year, IIRC. I have a bronze zebra wallet from last winter.
  5. I want the pink zebra tote..I love it!
  6. Cute! Reminds me of this Hermes pocket square...

  7. I saw that at the outlets. Very cute!
  8. Those are all over my outlet, I love it in green! Congratulations!
  9. Remember to share when you come back, lol!
  10. Thanks guys...
    I also saw tons of pink zebra too.
  11. Just saw that this weekend, almost bought the umbrella!
  12. So cute!!!! I saw a pink one on eBay, but I think the green looks fabulous!!!
  13. the zebra totes are 50% off at my outlet!
  14. Love it!
  15. Last time I went was about a month and 1/2 ago & they were still close to $200.00