Check out my new Spy! Got a BARGAIN~

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. I got this BRAND NEW Zucca Spy for a thousand bucks!!! After the Bluefly fake fiasco, I had sworn them off but I checked out the 10% off sale this week & they had this spy. PLUS I had a 15% off coupon. I ended up getting 25% off the Bluefly price which came to juuuuusst a bit over $1000. I'm dying at this bargain. And you bet your butts that I have been over this thing with a fine tooth comb & it's authentic!:yahoo: The leather isn't a bubbly as my other spies but I can certainly live with it!

  2. WOWOW:nuts: :nuts: ! You are not kidding! That is an awesome deal!!!!! And it looks gorgeous! wooooooohooooooooooo!!!! Very exciting, congrats! I LOVE great deals :yahoo:
  3. WOW, great deal!! I just ordered the metallic Spy from them (which retails for $2410) & I got it for about $1650! I can't wait for my 1st Spy...congrats!
  4. Thanks Girls! Congrats to you too Becky! I saw the metallic ones too & they were gorgeous~ great pick for your 1st Spy!

    This is the only place in the world I could use "bargain" & "$1,000" in the same breath & not have something think I'm nutso!!!!!!!!
  5. Congrats! that is a bad azz bag! Wow! and you can't beat the price!:yes:
  6. heeheehee.. SO true! BUT it REALLY is a GREAT deal that you got there!! CONGRATS! Your zucca looks gorgeous!
  7. I love your new spy. It makes zucca look elegant.
  8. Beautiful! congrats :biggrin:
  9. :nuts: :nuts: its beautifullll! I AM SOO JEALOUS LOL. congrats!
  10. WOW! Thats awesome! Your bag is beautiful!!
  11. :lol: So true. Thank God for tPF!
  12. I am insanely jealous right now. You are soooooooo lucky to get this gorgeous bag at such a great price! Enjoy!
  13. Acegirl, that bag is frickin' gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good for you! And cheers for getting it at such a great price!
  14. A really beautiful bag. Congrats on a great bargain.
  15. veeeeeeeeeeery beautiful:heart: Congrats dear
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