Check out my new "ride"

  1. :nuts: :love: :shame: :shame: :lol:
    Michelles Camp La Jolla 064.jpg
  2. hhahah the bike or the car??

    LOVE THE CAR (mum has it in white) and i love the bike love pink

    so either way.. CONGRATS
  3. The car is not new...THANKS though!!! Im just in love with this damn bike though...(kind of over the
  4. haha It's lovely!!
  5. very cute...I like it...
  6. Very cute! Congrats!!
  7. LOVE that bike. I am alll over the bike.
  8. adorable bike!!!
  9. I love it! It is soooo cute, I love it in pink! Congrats!
  10. cute bike love pink!!
  11. The bike is so cute! I have visions of chasing the ice cream truck on hot days and all those other cool summer memories. :smile:
  12. get rid of the car the bike deserves the entire garage :yahoo: :yahoo:
  13. To be honest...I went for a long ride yesterday and I felt like a fool...but its super comfy, and I love the color. We live on an island so this style of bike is super popular but I feel like Im on the Barbie bike. Oh well...I might as well get a super feminine basket for it as well, and get over myself.;)
  14. love the bike... now, i want one too.. hehe....
  15. Awwwww! Congrats!