Check out my new purchase - Leo Classic Flap from pre-fall 2007

  1. My very first bag from pre-fall 2007! Unfortunately I own this for 24 hours. I love the leather & chain lace trim but unsure of the Leo head for the clasp so I returned it on the next day. So I exchanged for a black caviar kelly style bag.

    The Leo was Coco Chanel sign. Neiman Marcus ordered about 34 of this in the company. The bag with tax came closed to $2500
    CCLeoBag.JPG CCLeoBag4.gif CCLeoBag5.gif
  2. it's cool! But the price is a bit steep. How come i don't see a lion?!
  3. Here is the better picutre of Leo head with two eyes made out of clear crystal stones.
  4. The bag is categorized as Evening in the lookbook. The leo head is indeed the clasp? ...Hiding behind the CC.... In fact it looks like the Leo is holding the Coco Chanel Sign in its mouth.

    The bag retails for $2325 before tx, I believe.
  5. I'm not sure if I like the lion, but it's very unique.
  6. Joyfishyu: You're correct.
    Sina: That's how I felt & the reason I returned it after purchased the bag.
  7. It's little too Versace for me but it is very unique.
  8. yes, very like Versace which is not as classic as Chanel CC logo, but it is special!
  9. Reminds me of Derek/Lam and Versace's love child bag with a Chanel twist... very unique. :smile: I'm glad you were able to return it and exchange it for the Kelly - that's a gorgeous, classic ladylike bag I'm sure you'll carry forever! :smile:
  10. I don't like the lion either. Hope you like the bag you exchanged for better!
  11. I *think* I like the lion, but haven't seen it IRL, so can't really say. I'm glad you were able to exchange for a gorgeous bag you love!! Have you posted pics of your new bag? :nuts:
  12. It's a pretty bag, but I do agree about the lion. Not a fan of the Versace look :p
  13. Love it but the price is very steep.
  14. Yes, the nail was hit right on the head w/ the Versace comment! It's neat but not classic IMO.

    I love the Kelly-like bag though! How much was that if you don't mind me asking?
  15. agreed def looks like a versace thing