Check out my new lovelies!!

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  1. I just received my three newest purses and I love them all!! First off is a Morgan Oakley baby Ditch in Chocolate and the leather is soooo soft. It is the perfect size and fits a ton. Lovely!!

    Second is a Linea Pelle Dylan tote in Bark and omg the leather is awesome. Such a scrumptious bag thet fits all of my things perfectly. So soft, I can't stop petting it.

    I also got the Linea Pelle Dylan Messenger in dark brown. It is really nice as well. Last week i got my HH varga in Brandy from eBay, so i think I should refrain from any more bags for now. But as I look at my Morgan Oakley baby Ditch, I can't help wanting another in Electric (A vibrant purply blue)a to die for colour by the way and a burgundy red.

    I'll try and post pics tomorrow.
  2. Here's the Morgan Oakley in Electric.


    I really need to be on a serious purse ban. :smile:
  3. oh I am also lemming a Gustto Parina as well. Sigh, must REFRAIN LOL

  4. :nuts::nuts: LOVE THIS!! :nuts::nuts:
  5. That color is AMAZING!
  6. Love the color!
  7. :drool::drool::drool::drool:

  8. I forgot that I also have a HH Salina Pouch in Ink coming and a HH Ana as well. I guess I should forget about the Morgan Oakleys for now since the Ink HH will satisfy my craving for a blue bag for now.

  9. Ooooo I LOVE IT!!!! :heart: Congrats!
  10. Congratz on the new bags!! Don't u just LOOOVE the LP? I have the Piper Speedy in Sherry and was AMAZED at how soft and buttery the leather was....none of my other bags are that soft.
  11. Happy Hello to our friends at the Purse Forum from LP Collection!

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    Anyway, we hope you all had a beautiful holiday and that you are enjoying the new year.

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    HAPPY 2008 EVERYONE! :yahoo:

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  12. CONGRATS!! Do you have pics of the other LPs?
  13. OMG that is a gorgeous blue!!