Check out my new little L.a.m.b.

  1. Some people get excited about orange boxes...I get excited about black and white striped ones...
    IMG_1088.jpg IMG_1089.jpg
  2. Is that the Lipstick/Saddle Cosmetic Bag!?

    Congrats! Cute purchase!:yahoo:
  3. Yep it is, but that's not what's in the box...
  4. Yay! Tissue paper my favorite thing!!! :yahoo:
  5. oh no you're evil! what is it?
  6. Introducing my first piece from the shadow line. The L.a.m.b. shadow clutch wallet!:heart:
  7. I am so in :love: with this line! I need more of it now!!! I love the built in coin purse with the signature l.a.m.b. fabric, this wallet is awesome! Now I'm just waiting for my lipstick shadow clutch wallet.
    IMG_1092.jpg IMG_1093.jpg
  8. WOW - I love the look of the gray interior with the black/white striping! :love:

    SO....the next question is - what bag are you going to get to go with it??:graucho:
  9. I love the shape of the commodore, but I know that a lot of people complain about the strap falling off...
  10. That wallet is beautiful! Congratulations :smile: I love the shadow print
  11. Lovley!! :tup:
  12. love it i need a lamb wallet!!!
  13. My thoughts exactly!!! :lol: ;)
  14. you two are bad.....
  15. I love the wallet, Shadow print is my fav. Congrats!