Check out my new Hottie

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  1. Ok.. So i've been lusting over a Blue Le Fab since i found out the blue has been discontinued.. So with a help of a friend in the UK, i got a Brand Spanking New Blue Le Fab Ordered from the LV website, and it arrived here today..

    Let me say that it's BEAUTIFUL and i'm in :heart: ..

    I'd also received my Murakami Hair Barettes that i'd wanted to complete my Panda Collection..

    Sorry about the Bad pics, but DH is in Melb at the F1 so he took his camera


  2. Aww....I'm in love too, such a gorgeous bag!!! Congrats!!!!!
  3. Yay .... Congrats on your new LV purchases! :happydance:

    I'm in LOVE with those Murakami Barettes. :love:
  4. Thanks Bb10lue!! You need to get yourself one of these beauties!!

    and Mrs Herrera... My Hair is dead straight so the barettes slide off hehehe... But they're hot!!
  5. It's so beautiful..
  6. Nice goodies! Those barettes are too cute:cutesy:
  7. awwww so gorgeous ;) congrats :yahoo:
  8. Definitely a hottie and a keeper! Love it!
  9. Ahhh... love it!
  10. Gorgeous Le Fab and cute Murakami barrettes. Congrats!
  11. very pretty :love:
  12. LOVE the le fab!

    ot: i love f1 racing
  13. Congrats suhali:heart:
  14. Gorgeous! I bet not many people in Australia have a blue suhali :drool:
  15. Congrats! :yahoo: