Check out my new Coach bag, $85 after 50% off sale @ outlet!

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  1. I'm fairly new to Coach but I was visiting the Edinburgh, Indiana area this weekend for work and stopped by the outlets there. Much to my surprise they were running the 50% off clearance sale again! I found this bag for only $85ish! Can anyone tell me the style name/number or anything else about this bag?
    TIA :smile:

    (the last pic is with a loaf of bread for size reference :graucho:)

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  2. Congrats! That's a great deal:yes:
    They have a bunch of these on ebay and they are all priced approximately 50-100 dollars higher.
  3. Congrats! That is a cute bag, I saw them at my outlet this weekend.
    I dont know much about this bag but Im sure someone here will. :yes:
    The style # should be on the creed. :tup:
  4. Very cute! My outlet is 2hrs away but I may have to drag DH up there this weekend! The only thing I know about this bag is that the style of the monogram is called "lozange" that's all I know. HTH!
  5. OH WOW that is a wonderful deal I think it is a Lozenges Stripe Satchel
    BTW... Welcome to Coach and prepare for addiction!!!!
  6. Thats a great deal! I caught one of the Lozenge stripe pouches last week for $40! I'll post some pictures once I get home.
  7. Nice deal! The bread pic is cute..
  8. Very cute! Congrats!
  9. Love this bag. Great price too!
  10. OMG beautiful *lust lust lust*
  11. Congrats on a GREAT DEAL...

    I have that same Coach in Parchment / Khaki... I LOVE IT... but paid $140 for it when I got it about a month ago....
  12. That's a great price! I never see the lozenge print anywhere except on tPF, so I bet you'll get lots of compliments and looks. :smile:
  13. ^^I saw lots of the lozenge print bags when I was at Allen earlier this week. They were there!
  14. Congrats! I'm originally from southern Indiana and that used to be my closest outlet. :smile:

    There were a lot of these bags at the Sevierville, TN outlet this weekend too. I was surprised to see them!