check out my new chloe!!

  1. ok - i got a GREAT deal on this baby from a gal on the vogue forum (we vogue gals dont sell fakes!) ... only $500AUD plus postage.

    I cant wait to get her - she and her chloe silverado sister will be so happy together.

    How hard is it to clean the handles? Or is it like Bal bag handles - once they are dark you cant do much about it?
  2. Wow! That's a fantastic deal! Congratulations! Tan is one of the best paddy colours! :girlsigh:

    Unfortunately, the leather is pretty hard to clean. Maybe another tPFer can suggest some way to clean it, but I think once the leather is "marked" it's next to impossible to clean.

    Congrats again!
  3. Congrats, the colour is just GOGROUES!
  4. Wow - this bag is a classic. I love it and don't worry about the handles - can't be so bad?! What a great price!
  5. that's a great deal, congrats!!
  6. What a beaut! You've got a great deal, Mjlover1977. Congrats!
  7. thanks gals - its amazing when you see a real one compared with those fakes on eBay - like the real paddy in those piccys has that great smoosh - the leather just flops over where on eBay there are paddys that stand up all by themselves!
  8. Another stunning Chloe find in a terrific color to boot. I'm with Divnanata leave the handles alone. That's the patina of the leather, to remove it would probably be detrimental to the purse? clean it with that Apple lotion and then I'd say you're done with it!!

    Gosh wear her with pride, she's beautiful.
  9. I aggree that the leather is pretty hard to clean, but it takes a lot of effort to dirty them in the first place - tan, i think, is especially resilient!
  10. Fabulous bag at a great price. Congrats!!!!
  11. a true classic color and elegent bag :biggrin: many congrats!!
  12. i'm getting nervous - the seller still hasnt given me her bank details - i dont think i will get her this side of the year :crybaby: why dont sellers respond - i mean - dont you want to sell the damn bag :cursing:

  13. Yes?? One would think? This time of the year is crazy. Are you PMing her? Is she responding?:confused1:
  14. yes - i'm like a pm stalker! But she said she would PM me back last night and i havent heard. I hate flakey people (not saying she is but if i was trying to offload a bag i would keep in touch and take the damn money!)
  15. guess what? that girl got back in contact with me - she had some family trouble over christmas and didnt remember what we agreed ... so we are back on! No idea how i am gonna afford it as i just bought that damn Kerala but maybe she will wait till pay day ;) Anyway, am not getting my hopes up too much but i think it might happen!