Check out my new CHANEL!!!! U Like??!!! Give honest opinions...

  1. Me n ma CHANEL.jpg

    CHANEL Front.jpg

    CHANEL Back.jpg

    :yahoo: It's this season's new quilted flap bag. I was intially decided on the classic flap caviar in black but the store didn't have it. Once I saw this bag....I fell in love with's really soft and practical for regular use. What do you think?
  2. Wow! I really like it and it's a different look too! Congrats!! How much was it if you don't mind me asking?
  3. Its adorable!!! Congrats on your beautiful bag :smile:
  4. Cute! Congratulations on your new chanel!
  5. I just love to see classics with a twist. It's fabulous!
  6. It's cute and different! Congrats!
  7. This one was for USD 2115

    There is a slightly smalller size for USD 1930

    I bought it in Dubai so this is the converted price. Might be lil different from US/UK.
  8. Beautiful. Congrats
  9. Very nice! It looks great on you! =)
  10. very nice! what does it measure? want to compare to my MC flap...
  11. Its about 10 X 5 X 3
  12. Love it!!!
  13. Very beautiful and a little different! Good choice!!
  14. me likey
  15. very nice