Check out my new Camel/Light Caramel Day Hobo! YAY!

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  1. Hi all,

    Just wanted to share my newest purchase, a Camel/Light Caramel Hobo from the current fall '06 season. I have two other B-bags but they were bought third-hand off eBay (I love them!). I bought this new baby at Neiman's SF this morning. I went in planning to buy the Hobo in Truffle, but it just looked drab on me. I think maybe it doesn't work so well with my coloring. When I tried the Camel on, it POPPED. It was sassy. It had ZING! Yet it still seemed neutral and wearable enough for every day use. It had everything we all expect from a B-bag! :yes:

    I chose this particular bag from a group of 5 other Camel Hobos. Besides being divinely soft, mine had the most consistent vein pattern, was hardly shiny at all, and was not too distressed or crackly. In fact, some parts of it are downright pebbled! It was also the most medium toned of all 5 choices...some were lighter with brown undertones, and others were darker (yet somehow brighter) with orange undertones. Just goes to show you how different each individual bag can be, even when they're all the same style/color.

    I was able to put two file folders into it after work today, so it can double as a work bag in a pinch. Woohoo! I also love how it changes my whole look completely. I was wearing a plain white t-shirt and jeans, but with the bag I looked so much hipper and up-to-date. (at least I thought so!) I love my caramel hobo!!!! :yahoo:

    PLEASE excuse the messy background in these pics. I'm packing for a trip tomorrow and there's cr@p all over the place! :shame:
    of=50,590,442.jpg of=50,590,442-1.jpg of=50,590,442-2.jpg
  2. Congrats! She's lovely!
  3. That bag looks great with you! Congratulations on a beautiful new b-bag!!!
  4. gorgeous! looks like the earlier caramel! very very nice! love that color... yummmmmmm
  5. ohhhh thats a beauty kristy! great color choice for a hobo/day bag!!
  6. Yay, she's beautiful. I am really loving the day more and more.
  7. LOVE IT!!!!!! wHAT a gorgerous color!!!!!!Congrats!
  8. your choice is perfect. that bag is beautiful. and I love the leather too.

    You are right about the color, caramel is very versatile and still has a special twist to it. :flowers:
  9. Congrats Kristy - I love that color and it's great in that style!
  10. i love the color! congrats!
  11. I am officially in :love: luuuurrrvve :love: with this color!! thanks for sharing!

    P.S. Are you taking your new bag on your trip? :smile:
  12. What a gorgeous bag! I've been debating about this camel color in the hobo/day and seeing it on you makes me want one :smile:

    LOVE IT! You look AWESOME!!
  13. :nuts: Wow the camel colour looks so chic and yummy like toffee! Congrats!
  14. So looks great on you!
  15. Woow !!!