Check out my NEW Breitling!!!

  1. Well I dont have it yet... but its been ordered and its on its way... YAY!!!

    Its a Breitling Lady Cockpit diamond dial, diamond bezel, MOP face :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    cockpit.jpg cockpit 2.jpg
  2. beautiful! congratulations!
  3. OMG!:love:
  4. Thats beautiful. where did you order it from?
  5. Absolutely beautiful! I love it... Congrats!
  6. Stunning watch!! Vlad is a huge Breitling fan so I know a great watch when I see one! :tup:
  7. awesome!!!! congrats!
  8. Thanks yall, Im SOOOO excited. My husband ordered it from Alan Furman
  9. Verrrry nice!
  10. Congrats! I love how you can see the shimmer of the MOP in the second pic. It's so pretty!
  11. It will be here monday and im sittting on pins and needles, LoL, I have been waiting forever for it already. It seems that this watch isnt stocked very often and it had to be ordered from breitling, Its been on order since december 13th, it was a Christmas present and now its almost here :woohoo:
  12. Congrats!!!!

    I love Breitlings!!
  13. Congrats! love it you have to post pics once you get it!
  14. Congrats, Its a beauty!

    DH LOVES Breitling, ever since i bought him a Blackbird.

    We were looking at some Bentley ones the other day and i tried on a diamond one similar to yours and it was HOT! Too bad i'm not a watch person.
  15. wow :drool: congrats!