Check out my new Bbag - pics

  1. I've wanted to add a black & white Bbag to my collection for quite awhile. Here she is!:love:


  2. Congrats, Kat!!! Very cute! :biggrin:
  3. love the bag.Congrats :smile:
  4. very cool, kat! congrats!
  5. Congrats Kat! Looks great on you!
  6. wow i didn't even know they made the hobo in black and white! congrats!
  7. Congrats Kat! Looks great on you!
  8. gorgeous! I love this bag... :heart:
  9. Congrats! Very cute on you!
  10. Pretty Pretty!
  11. I love it congratulations! :smile:
  12. I was unsure about whether I liked the black and white at first...but it is really growing on me! Your bag is so unique and elegant, congrats!! It looks great in the hobo style.
  13. It looks great on you Kat! Congrats!!!
  14. congrats! i had only seen it in the other style (city?). this is way cool! is this your first hobo?
  15. Cute, kat! congrats!