Check out my MJ Loot, Shirt, tote ring,wallet

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  1. Hey guy if you remember I ask about the cotton tote. Well I was in Greenwich village and saw the MBMJ accessories store so I stopped in and they had so much stuff. I ended up getting a tote a shirt a ring a wallet a bandaid case that says "Thats gonna leave a marc" a little rat keychain and a MJ book. Heres some pictures. If you go there expect it to be crowded! I could barely walk!

  2. Very nice loot!:yes: I love the saying on the band-aid case! LOL!
  3. congrats! i bought a few bandage packs for my friends too. how's the book?

    the store is so small. it's much better on the weekdays because there's hardly anyone there. it looks like they're opening another mbmj store across the street. i can't wait.
  4. i love the MBMJ store! It's like being in the 99 cent version of the MJ boutique. :p

    Great stuff!!
  5. I felt like the book was poorly written, to be honest (but I'm sort of a lit snob)... The vintage ads are gorgeous though.
  6. My boyfriend got me the book from Urban Outfitters, btw. I WISH I lived near a MBMJ boutique! Congratulations on your winnings!
  7. i just went to the LA store today.

    Got a Blondie tshirt, 4 beaded necklaces, the band-aid case, a Savannah tote bag, and a cosmetic case for less than $100
  8. ^LA had a ton, and they sell for $12!
  9. I ordered two of those totes from the ny boutique on Wednesday for $12 each and they already arrived!
  10. You gys are so lucky!!! I wish there were a MBMJ store here!!! I love all that stuff!!!! **sigh** ANOTHER reason to move lol!!!
  11. That stuff is soooo cute! Congrats!
  12. ugh.. I WISH I didn't know they did charge send orders.

    Even with the pricey shipping, it's a lot cheaper than buying the stuff I want on eBay.

    I just called in another order of mostly non-bag items:
    the paris tshirt in the photo above
    the london taxi tshirt
    the london bus tshirt
    the london telephone booth/dinosaur tote bag
    and some band aid packs
  13. I'm so jealous that your stuff has already arrived! I ordered last Thursday and still nothing today! BOO! Congrats MarcLV123 on all your cool stuff, I can't wait to get my band-aid package and other stuff!
  14. Congrats pghandbag! Post pics of your stuff when it comes, it's all so cute!!