Check out my loot from Las Vegas outlet!! (lots of pics!)

  1. So DH & I were in Vegas this weekend (with some tPF'ers!) and most of the time was spent shopping. On Sunday we went to the new Premium outlets, since I wanted to go to the Ann Taylor factory store to get some new work clothes. While there we just happened to visit the Coach outlet. :p I didn't plan on buying anything since I'm on a serious ban, but they had some really cute stuff and the prices were too good to pass up.

  2. Argh, you're killing me already! Unwrap, unwrap! ;)
  3. :popcorn:
  4. Legacy mutli-card case in Pear

    the inside

    pink signature scarf. love the bright color!!
  5. Oooh!
  6. Soho small flap purse, with matching leather skinny, in Mahogany

    everything together :love:

    the card holder matches my pear lunch tote!

    the scarf goes well with it too (love this color combo!)
  7. Cute stuff !!! Congrats :tup:
  8. Oooo what lovely buys.. that green is just to die for!
  9. Great buys!!!!!! I love the Soho in mahogany, that's just gorgeous. :drool:
  10. GREAT Haul! Congrats, LOVE the pear color!
  11. great stuff!
  12. Lovely new additions - congrats & enjoy :tup:
  13. congrats! glad you had fun! :tup:
  14. Great buys, LOVE the color of the scarf and the Soho flap!
  15. Congrats! Love the pear!