Check out my hot new Red Patent Lanvin Flats!

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  1. I am sooooo in l:heart:ve with them!

  2. i'm in love with them too! congrats on gorgeous purchase!!!
  3. What a great color!
  4. Those are beautiful. The color is TDF.
  5. I LOVE the color.... AMAZING!
  6. Ooooo these are my most wanted at the moment......where did you find them? :drool:
  7. Thank you!!!

    Mooks I got them at Barneys NY. They just got a new shipment. If you call, ask for Abby. She's so sweet and really takes care of her people. :flowers:

    I soooo love the color. It's the perfect summer color. Not to be too matchy matchy, but they really look gorgeous with my YSL Downtown in Red Patent too! :nuts:
  8. ^^^ You'll look amazing!
  9. adorable!
  10. HOT! congrats
  11. i love those shoes!!i nearly got a pair but have to have a break this month or else my banker...
  12. so cute!!
  13. Those shoes are TDF. I love the color and am so envious - CONGRATS!
  14. wow i love those!
  15. Thank you everyone! :love:

    I am so excited about them.
    I haven't felt this way about a pair of flats in a very long time. :heart: