Check out my first Coach! :-D

  1. OMG! I went to Macy's tonight to get a couple wedding gifts and...whaddya know I end up in handbags :yes: .

    Check out my gorgeous new Coach! This chocoloate color is TDF and I just love the style too! Anyone else have this?

    I later was walking through the housewares department waiting for the wedding gifts to get wrapped and the SA saw my Coach dustbag and just went oooooh, all I have is Coach! We drooled over the bag together :lol: .

    Yay for me! :yahoo:
  2. Gorgeous bag! I love the brown- I have a Coach signature brown tote and I'm in love with it. Enjoy!
  3. aww i cant see the close up picture! : (
  4. [​IMG]

    I know, sorry, I don't know why my close up pix aren't working anymore!

    Here it is from, but they don't have it shown in brown.
  5. Congrats!! You will LOVE this tote!
  6. I love it, I actually went bag shopping today and tried that one on--I decided for a gucci though--but I love that bag. Congrats
  7. ^^ which Gucci did you get? Posted in the Gucci subforum - ? Congrats to you too!
  8. Congratulations!!! It's beautiful!
  9. Congrats! It's cute and I like the size as well.
  10. Beautiful bag! Congrats
  11. Extremely jealous, its beautiful! Congratulations girl!
  12. That's a hot bag!!!
  13. Great bag! I have a chocolate brown Coach also! Enjoy!
  14. I love this's so gorgeous. I saw it at the Coach store this afternoon & I was so tempted to purchase one, but I had to control myself. Congrats.
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