Check Out My Choo Balls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Check these out :roflmfao:

    I bet I'll be one of the few golfers on the course, with "Custom" Jimmy :choochoo: golf balls :wlae:

    I just had to share these with you girls :yahoo:

    My Holiday ROAK buddy had a dozen of these golf balls specially made for me with the Wet Look Blue Patent Melena on them:girlsigh:

    (Sorry, had to throw in the photo of Spike sleeping under our tree in the den:heart:)
    DSCN3909.JPG DSCN3908.JPG DSCN3870.JPG
  2. Haha, I can't believe it. 'Jimmy' sure looks good on golf balls too!!
  3. Haha, I can't believe it. 'Jimmy' sure looks good on golf balls too!!
  4. Love those:p. So, what's next...toilet seat, golfballs......, umh, anyone? The toilet seat definitely requires matching TP IMO.
  5. whew!:sweatdrop: i was a bit scared after the toilet seat thread to open a thread with choo balls in the title...:roflmfao:

    how fun robyn :yes:and so fitting the jimmy choo:queen:!

    and spike looks so sweet by the christmas tree.:heart::girlsigh:
  6. Stinkerbelle is going to have a field day with this thread...get ready.

    Congrats on the unique "balls."
  7. You've got balls came out wrong.:cutesy:

    Your cats are GORGEOUS!!!! Do you breed them, or is it just a breed you fancy? :girlsigh:
  8. OMG those are fantastic. Though I have to say I don't think my dad or my BF would be willing to play with me if I had those.
  9. I love em!!!! I bet you can hit these extra far, too! They are definitely special.:tup:
  10. That is so creative! The title of your post scared me a little....well, a lot....but they are so cool! :supacool:

    Spike is just the cutest....he looks quite comfy under the tree! :yes:
  11. Soooo cute!
  12. very catchy! lol. :tup: I can give this to my dad, and that will be a hint of what I'd like to Christmas too! aha! :idea::ty:for the idea. You're so clever Robyn!
  13. Thank you bella
    No I have two Siamese and Spike (my little Himalayan) was my 40th BD present a few years ago :girlsigh: She is my Sweetie :yes: I would love to breed her, but DH put his foot down after we added her to the family, so I think a bunch of kittens would have pushed him right out the door:rant:

    I wonder if Stinker is feeling okay Jburgh :confused1: She was pretty "tame" ;)
  14. too cute! :biggrin:
  15. ^^I wondered about that, too. Maybe xmas preparations have exhausted her..?:sleepy: