check out my chloe paddington gym lock!

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  1. [​IMG]

    i finally got a membership to the gym, and i haven't been to the gym in like 2 years, so i couldn't remember where i placed my lock. my sister's asking "you have a lock?" i'm thinking, "no."

    i'm staring at my bags, and my head clicks, "oh wait! i DO have one!"

    when i showed my sister the lock- she's my gym buddy, she's says "what the heck is that? is it even gonna fit?"

    and it does! so what do you know? that lock really does come in handy, and quite functional.

  2. thoughts exactly...i actually wrote about in my blog..
  3. Now thats funny!!!:lol:
  4. SO FUNNY....heheh
  5. :lol: :lol: :lol: Too funny! Clever idea :amuse:
  6. It's so cutee... hehehe..
  7. Hmmm never thought of that.. good idea.
  8. very cute! you might start a trend of designer locks!
  9. Great idea!! I work in a corporate fitness center and my brand new aerobics shoes were stolen out of my locker. Now I know how to keep them safe even though we're not supposed to lock up our belongings.
  10. OMG! TOO FUNNY-Very clever...and fashionable!
  11. Awesome idea! Now you can even bring your Paddy to the gym and show it off before locking it up in the locker with its own lock! Genius!
  12. lolol!!
  13. Oh, that is good :P - just be careful another paddy owner doesn't open your locker.
  14. I hope someone who has the taste (and funds) for a Paddy wouldn't go around stealing stuff out of gym lockers! LOL!:nuts:
  15. LOL...that's hysterical! Fayden, you crack me up!