Check out my BV Campana

  1. Here are some pics of my new BV Campana. I ordered this at the BV website last week and it finally arrived today. The leather is just so yummy and so soft. I really appreciate all of you ladies for helping me make the decision to get a BV for my next bag.....and Marly, thanks for posting pics of your Campana. When I saw it, I just have to get one.
    BV04.jpg BV01.jpg BV02.jpg BV03.jpg
  2. :nuts: Belen- it's beautiful!!! It's a perfect sized bag and looks very nice over the shoulder. Good choice of color to start out your BV collection. Enjoy!!
  3. Yeah Belen!:nuts: Congratulations!:wlae: It looks beautiful on you! The leather is so buttery soft, I'm always touching mine. It gets softer with age too...The Campana is such a beautiful shape. Enjoy:love:
  4. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
  5. Belen, BV should use your photos in an ad--you and your Campana look so gorgeous! I'm drooling:drool: --I think it's the next BV I want. It's too stunning for words.
  6. Thanks ladies for the compliments.

    Bella1, I wish I have your collection. I'm drooling over your pink cocker.

    Marly, you're very kind to answer my questions and to post pictures. I would love to see your BV collection.

    jll9, I have to tell you, you can't go wrong with the Campana. It's really beautiful.

    boxermom, my husband took these pics. I think they turned out great. He'll be pleased to know that you thought they're good enough to be use in the ads.
  7. Awesome bag. I'm so jealous, I want one too. Congrats.
  8. Congrats! It's gorgeous!
  9. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!

    Congrats!! :yahoo:
  10. wow the campana looks great on you!! i'm really thinking about this one for my first BV!
  11. That is a beautiful bag! I've always loved tha Ball, but now I need to think about this style:yes:
  12. Wow!!! :nuts: I never knew the bag look so good. Belen, you are making me want my 3rd BV. :graucho: Congrats, enjoy the bag.

    Btw, does the bag zips up?
  13. ms piggy, the bag doesn't have a top zipper but has a magnetic closure and a closure clip which I think make it secure enough. Inside is a small pocket with a zipper and a cell phone pocket.
  14. The bag is beautiful and looks lovely on you. I thought I read somewhere on the forum that there are two sizes? If so, is this the smaller one?
  15. Yummy! I love it on you - and the color's wonderful! Congratulations!!!! :yahoo: