Check Out My Bling!!!

  1. I just thought to share some pictures of my Swarovski crystalized Hello Kitty mirror and perfume atomizer (I got them from eBay):

    Hello Kitty mirror:

    Hello Kitty mirror open:

    Perfume atomizer:

    Both together:
  2. That is sooo cute!
  3. how do you get the perfume in that thing? I have wondered this before but im sure it a simple way, Im just having a blonde moment
  4. Oh wow....those are definitely bling! lol I have always loved Hello Kitty. :smile:
  5. The crystalized outer part comes off and reveals a glass bottle, which you then twist off the top portion (pump dispenser part) and then fill the glass bottle with the perfume you want to use.
  6. Prettyyyy! Congrats! So cute!
  7. wow that is so cute!! i'm going to go look for one for me on eBay now :smile:
  8. I love it!! I have a necklace just like this(actually 2) I have really enjoyed them!
  9. congrats!! i love it .I just got a hello kitty mirror too. (from eBay maybe the same seller. hehehe) congrats love everything.
  10. Congtats!whoaa:drool:i love it
  11. I love hello kitty!!! Ever since I was 8yrs old and now Im 34 but still love it!!! Dang that is so cute!!!
  12. cute bling
  13. Ooohhh! I love your BLING! Swarovski crystals are so pretty!
  14. You've made me want both of them! Love them!
  15. adorable! still love hello kitty!