Check out my Beaver!!

  1. :graucho: :lol:

    Got my "Beav", my heart and my new Hermes Brag Book (the Ulysses with picture insert) in Rouge Garance!
    HBragBook1.jpeg HBragbook2.jpg
  2. Nice Beav!!! LOL!!!!! and the brag book is fabulous! Congrats!
  3. You crack me up, Elana!!! :lol: Nice brag book and pic!!!
  4. Fabulous! Thanks for sharing, Japster! :flowers:
  5. wooo your beaver is soo cute! :roflmfao:
    Love the pic in agenda and the heart, too! :upsidedown:
  6. Atleast someone's looking at it these days:roflmfao:
    The pic is of me (and my five chins) with my daughter Shoshana.

    For reference the book is $150 and comes in a bunch of different colors. The insert is an extra $90 and holds 12 4x6 pictures.
  7. So, has DH seen your new beaver yet?:graucho:
  8. Your daughter is so cute!
  9. Oh dear, one more thing for me to buy--the brag book! It's gorgeous! Congrats on your bag charms too--I'm so addicted to them these days. I just got the heart one too--she's a beauty!
  10. cute one... I want one now, but I can't.. I am from WSU.... my school will not like that.. hehehe
  11. all the more reason to do it, methinks . . . . :graucho:
  12. I love your BEAVER Elana!
  13. That's such a cute M&D pic. The bragg book is something else I have now added to my 'list' , as for the beaver, hmmm....... it's CUTE!
  14. Nice Beev, E! LOL!!!! Just got finished watching the episode of Sex in the City where Samantha finds a grey hair down "there", dyes it and it turns out.....RED!!!! So, I lost it when I saw your Ulysees in Rouge Garance and your....Beaver!

    Oh Lordy....too funny. Actually I have the exact same Ulysees in the exact same color only I use mine as a journal. Love it!

    Congrats and I LOVE the pic of you and Shoshana!
  15. ^ you and your dirty little mind! :P