Check out Mr and Mrs Smith !!!!!

  1. Can someone name this bag and dress
    I want both
  2. They look awesome! Is it just me or does it appear that Will has aged significantly as of late? He still looks FINE, but just older! JPS also looks amazing!
  3. Wow! Love her!
  4. I love those 2!! They look HOT!
  5. I love them as a couple..they're one of the few Hollywood couples who have actually stayed together.
  6. well grounded those two.
  7. Seeing her like that is a complete 180 from the way she looks when she's with Wicked Wisdom.
  8. Wow...what is that bag????
  9. Love this couple :love:
  10. Ooooooh, they look great together. Such a cute couple.

  11. :yes::yes::yes:
  12. Love them!
  13. I adore this couple! They do so well together, great unit - seem really down to earth.
  14. They are a gorgeous couple. LOVE her dress!!
  15. They're so great together!!!