Check Out Mary-Kate's Iddy, Biddy, Teeny ,Tiny Adult Acting Debut !

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    Check out Mary-Kate Olsen's debut (other than her kid flicks and that other one about New York) in the upcoming movie, Factory Girl. In case you have trouble finding her, there's a still to the side showing you where to look. This is her whole part in the movie. Nope, not joking. I mean, I heard her role was small...but you'd think she has enough money not to take a gig as an extra.

    [​IMG] Click here !

    If you blink you will miss it :p
  2. I read somewhere that she actually had a speaking role in this movie but refused to promote the movie. The director got mad at that and cut all her scenes except that one...where she is basically an extra.
  3. She's an extra and nothing more! I don't think anybody would of noticed if it wasn't pointed out to us that in all actuality that is MK. I hope this is the beginning to bigger and better things for her! And better fashion sense too!lol
  4. Are you kidding me??:wtf:
  5. hmm it doesn't bode well for her!
  6. I guess she's slowly making her debut, her & her sister's "New York Minute" bombed. lol.
  7. Is this actually ever going to come out....doesn't bode well for the movie to be mired in retakes, edits for so long
  8. oh wow..
  9. Yeah..I read that she ended up having a couple of speaking lines but they ended up being cut. But it was a "creative decision." Mhmm.
  10. glad to see she's working in anything actually.
  11. oh damn, she is just an extra!
  12. I could barely see her through all that cigarette smoke...
  13. I missed it! I blinked.
  14. I blinked too..miss it.
  15. I think this is a good thing. You have to start from somewhere, I think it's cool some starlets don't mind earning there place!