Check Out Liz Hurley's Tacky Beachwear Line For Kids

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  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Hurley is in the mood for kids!

    No, not having them, but designing inappropriate little beachwear items for them. From the leopard print bikini to the sexy little leopard print wrap, now girls as young as two-years-old can dress like their favourite troubled starlets.

    Also, Isnt Kaia, Cindy Crawfords daughter cute ? :heart:

  2. Granted I want my kids to be dressed super cute there is a line that can be crossed... the bottom left picture is actually a bit too much of an older woman's suit IMO :shrugs:

    But those girls are so pretty!!!
  3. I wonder who would let their kids wear that?
  4. Oh God, I practically threw up when I saw that little girl on the left! How could any mother who had little girls design that for them! :sad:
  5. I would expect this from Liz...
  6. No way would I buy that for my daughters. It is difficult enough to find age appropriate clothing without crap like that being designed and marketed.
  7. indeed,its a big naaaaaay ..

    cindy's daughter is soooooo cute and pretty :cutesy:
  8. :wtf:
  9. ITA!!!!! I would NEVER buy something like that for my daughter. It's so inappropriate. It's so sad Liz Hurley would even think mothers would buy this for little girls. :yucky:
  10. that bothers me a little bit. every store now have girl/kid's clothes in "women's" (sexy) style. I mean, let little girls be little girls...let them wear puffy pink dresses and pink bows and ballet know what i mean?:yes:
  11. The bathing suit on the left is a little...because from what I can see there are side-tie strings...but the rest of them are cute!! I see little girls wearing two-piece bathing suits all the time.:shrugs:
  12. Is Kaia already modeling? It didn't take long for mom to get her started.
  13. you can't see from these pics but they actually put a temp tattoo on Kaia's back & she is topless butcovering herself.

    the company had to release a statement and i believe they pulled the pics bc so many people were outraged at how sexy & grown up she was depicted.
  14. Wow a topless little girl with a tatoo above her bum? I don't care what anyone says, that is not cute. Way to go mom. This is kind of like the little beauty pageants. Are they trying to go for Sports Illustrated bathing suit issue? This is not a modeling job little girls should be doing. I am disgusted.
  15. Hmmmm....being "sexy" is not an attribute I would want to attach to a child.