CHECK OUT ko.des!!

  1. I saw on one of the posts about American-made handbags that ko.des bags are made in the US (in NY, specifically). Does anyone have any experience with these bags? they sell through but they actually have their own site too -

    I wanted the convertible satchel (see pic below) but not in any of the colors that it comes in - instead I wanted a dark green that I saw on another one of their bags. So I emailed them and got a super quick reply from Eric, who is the only other contact person listed on the site besides the designer herself (Kate O'brien)! He said that Kate would be happy to make me a convertible in the dark green and that she should have it ready to ship on Mon or Tues next week. So I am really looking forward to my new "unknown" bag! I'm a big fan of botkier but I also really like the idea of trying and supporting an up-and-coming designer. And the price was great too!

    I will update you all when I get the bag, and so far, I definitely recommend ko.des for their wonderful customer service! :tup:
  2. I think the bags are beautiful and I was a fan of them the first time I saw them posted here - please post pics when you get it!
  3. oops! i just realized that i wrote the designer's name as kate o'brien in my last post - it's kate o'riley! i must have been thinking of someone i know with o'brien as a last name! anyways, bag's on the way, can't wait!
  4. Post modelling pics when you receive it!
  5. I just recently heard about these and like what I see! Haven't seen them IRL yet though.