Check Out Katie & Jesus Cruise In His Cool Classic Corvette

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    Katie and Tom were spotted looking very happy after having dinner at Maetro’s Steak House in Beverly Hills last night.
  4. In one of the pics she looks so sad & Miserable. Great car though !
  5. HA HA HA, loves it. that car is so cute!
    I love Tom and Katie!
    Thanks Prada!
  6. I don't get why ppl keep sayin that Katie looks miserable and sad:shrugs: I love Katie and Tom, and they look very happy and cute together!!!
  7. The first two pics of her are a bit scary. lol
  8. oops, double post...
  9. I totally agree, I think they are a fabulous couple, and I wish them all the happiness!
    I wish people would stop being so hard on them and speculating about their marrige, let them have something!
  10. Can anyone say 'midlife crisis'? Lol! Also, in some of those pictures Katie looks awfully embarrassed - do we think Tom's parking skills aren't so hot? ;)
  11. Love this!!! She has an adorable smile.
  12. Because she is very pale, thin and never smiles.
  13. ^^ok, then how about VB?! I've never seen her smiles.....
  14. LOVE the car!!! She looks cute! He looks the same to me at all times.
  15. Ha ha "Jesus Cruise"! His hair is so... forwards,it bugs the hell out of me!