Check Out Eva Longoria's Wedding Invitation.

  1. What do you think ?



    Evidently, engaged celeb couple Eva Longoria and Tony Parker did not get in touch with Oprah's party planner when they decided to send out these heinous wedding invitiatons to all their star friends
  2. honestly, i think the invitaton looks kinda chessy and not very elegant!
  3. Yeah, how stupid are their friends if they have to remind them that a passport is required for international travel.:blink:
  4. I love them! The color scheme wasn't the best choice, but I love how la Tour Eiffel is there with the heart and their initals. So cute!
  5. I like the Eiffel/heart combo.
  6. For a wedding invitation no. But this is just a save the date - I like it.
  7. I have mixed feelings! I don't think it is a formal wedding invitations. But it looks alright.
  8. What is that...velvet???

    It is kinda tacky, but very Hollywood! It looks more like a Valentine to me.
  9. I was thinking the same thing :roflmfao: .
  10. Don't like it.
  11. wow, it's kinda ugly...
  12. Tacky not classy at all but I wouldn' mind being their guest at a hotel in Paris LOL
  13. it looks like a christmas card
  14. They do look cheesy!
  15. I do not like.