Check out for FW 07 accessories

  1. Here are ones that I like:

  2. The sunglasses w/the cc's all around the frame are pretty interesting.
  3. Ooh i like this one, I might have to hold of my next chanel purchase this weekend! Any idea what the price is and if it comes in smaller size?
  4. Thanks for the heads up. I just checked out the accessories and I really like the gold clutch w/chain.
  5. Wow totally agree with you!! I just called my SA to be put on the wait list for the metallic wallet. I hope I'm not in for sticker shock...Chanel wallets seem to be so expensive for such a little thing!!
  6. Thanks for sharing, Katie :tup:

    I love the sunglasses, umbrella and the metal and raisin jewellery.
  7. Thank you for the pictures! :yes: That's the black lambskin Sharpey I was talking about, in another thread.
  8. Great pictures..thanks for posting. Like the lambskin tote.
    Very nice pictures:drool:
  9. Mon, I like the gold clutch too. It's gorgeous.
  10. ooh I love that lambskin tote too!
  11. Thanks for the heads up Katie!:flowers:
  12. I think I like the shiny calfskin shopping bag... Its too too cute and i love the chains.. how much is that one anyway ??
  13. That's the sharpey?? It looked different in another thread and I wasn't too sure if I liked it but this one here is pretty darn cute.
  14. How much was the sharpey again?? I remember reading that it was somthing ridiculously expensive.

    I love the metallic wallet on a chain too!!
  15. I saw the black Sharpei tote at the trunk show today and it is absolutely gorgeous! Price is $3350 if I recall correctly. The shiny Modern Chain is really hot as well and I believe it was $2750.