Check out Bluefly!

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  1. :wtf: wow..... all gone already....
    The ocean blue was sooo pretty!! :crybaby:
  2. The Day is available now!!
  3. Argh! That's one thing I can't stand about Bluefly & Overstock, the items are available when you're on the site but as soon as you post a thread on TPF, they're out of stock already! Do they have vultures hanging around the sites to swoop down and get them as soon as they're available? Yeesh....sorry, had to vent.:shame:
  4. This was posted at 4 AM in the morning!! Wow, people are up early just to go on PurseForum. :p ... and I thought I was early ---> see time: 6:45 AM
  5. ^^ no, not 4am here LOL it was 7:15 ;)
  6. they usually only have one available... if someone puts it in their cart it goes out of stock for 1 hour, so I think people jump in and hold them to think about it?:shrugs: an hour later they are back though :smile:
  7. Gosh - the Ocean blue looks sooo gorgeous...
  8. Gah, all gone! Thanks for posting though!

    My mom is always finding amazing things on BF in the early AM. I often check late at night and there's nothing... they must list most of their items between midnight and 5am EST.
  9. The Sienna Day is available now!
  10. OMG I have the Ocean SGH in my cart right now!!!!!!!!!!! If anyone wants it, let me know and I'll release it!!
  11. I couldn't resist :sad: I broke my ban and decided to purchase this bag to see how I like it IRL..if I decide it isn't for me, I will return it and make sure to notify you all!
  12. ^ congrats that ocean was beautiful!
  13. That's a purty one, Carmen!:love:
  14. Thanks! I really hope it was worth breaking my ban for! You girls should keep checking..I think I see some non-moto bags now that I didn't maybe they are adding?