Check Out Bluefly This Am

  1. Holy Cow!!! They have TONS of great new Prada bags in this morning, even two of my antik cervo zip top hobo! Grab those codes off the thread on Deals & Steals and PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARTY!! :party: !
  2. I just posted that in "Deals & Steals" !!! I was drooling so bad...but I was good!!! ..All the sandals I liked didn't come in my size (thank God..Chanel coming today:supacool: )Did you get anything? I'm going to pm Jill!!!:p
  3. I had FIVE in my shopping cart when I posted this, but right now I've got the ivory large hobo (been lusting for a while now). Unfortunately I can't score any valid 15% off codes and I put in an order last night. I'm going to call customer service and see if I can switch the bag I ordered late last night for this one. I had a 15% credit and a yummy huge credit on my Bluefly account that I can use if the other bag isn't too far in process. Wish me luck!
  4. GOOD LUCK! Love the ivory! If by chance, you release it, please let me know!!

  5. I may well release it, Steph. This straw/chain strap one popped up after I put the Ivory in my cart. Which do you guys like better (for a spring/summer) bag of course:

  6. Personally, I much prefer the ivory bag.
  7. I should qualify the two bags by saying I'm MUCH older than you guys, so the straw would appeal to an old fart more than the under 40 crowd! :roflmfao:
  8. I am no help -- I like both of them! I think the gold is really a fresh look in the straw and the ivory hobo is timeless and year round!
  9. ^^YES! YES! YES! I tried this on at Saks last Thursday - love it! The color is stunning!!

    And I am a MD girl too (well, was for 33 years -- just moved to PA) it is perfect year round!
  10. ^this cracked me up!!! I'm 40 and I hear ya!! But in this case I do like the ivory bag.....I think the median age of the pf has drastically changed in the past few months..IMO!!! I try to keep this in mind when deciding on a bag to buy....not sure if a 16 year old is telling me not to buy/buy something lol!!! --LOVED alot of stuff on Bluefly this am...hope pf'rs scooped it up!!!
  11. EMMY IS A BADDDDDDDDDDDDDDD GIRL.....LOL...I wake up to her PM..Im trying REALLY hard not to buy anything...heehee..Ive been soooooooooo bad lately..but there is one bag I really always hem.....(EMMY=ENABLER!!!!!!)
  12. I bought the blue gauffre! :yahoo:

    And are a mere child! I'll be (gasp!) 56 in May!
  13. I got it Stephanie - where in MD did you live? I'm outside of Baltimore - I'm originally from NYC - not sure it counts anymore, since I've been in MD since I was 7 (almost - cough - 50 years!)!