check out Banana Republics new fall bags!!

  1. there are two of them I saw in store and the colors and leather are REALLY nice. Two particular styles I'm nutty over, one being the clayden (i think it's called) satchel.
    Check it out at!
  2. BR has some nice bags...I have a medium hobo from last years collection in a metallic bronze...they have come a long way and are now trying to compete with designer/higher end bags. The SA at BR told me that they use the same leather that Prada uses...not sure if it is true and I was carrying my Prada hobo at the time. Nonetheless I do like BR handbags but, not as much as Gucci.
  3. I will check them out soon. Love BR. =)
  4. I don't think they use the same leather as Prada, at least my Prada bag has some really amazing leather. BR's designs are getting better though.
  5. I would maybe go for a tote...the one is kind of neat...reminds me of a Kelly style bag, but it a chubby tote
  6. Funny, I can see bits and pieces of Prada bags as well as others, in their fall collection!
  7. I had a BR bag and they use Italian leather. On another note I like SOME of the new bags but to me they are over priced. BR thinks their Coach/Dooney; undoubtley.
  8. I agree about their prices. They were more reasonable last year. Everyone wants to get on this handbag craze! The bags are nice, but too big or too tiny for me.
  9. they are very nice, however I must agree that their prices are just not okay lol. Not that BR doesn't have nice stuff, but this I just think is a little over the top.
  10. I think the lovely thing with BR is that you can always find coupons for them if you look...that way, if you're unsure about wanting to spend the money for their bags, you can get a great deal. They have come a long way with their bags since they started the line.
  11. I remember there was a collection of small accessories last year that used the same leather as Prada. It was the really light leather with the cross-grain leather on it that Prada uses for card holders and wallets.
  12. The SA mentioned Prada and told me they were not suppose to tell people about the fact that they use the same leather witout the same price tag...who knows...Prada is definitely higher end...BR has a good price point