check on your canceled orders from nm

  1. my Chloe Iris showed as canceled last night but now it has changed to "processing"
  2. darn .. no such luck for me :crybaby:

    /me looking at my Chloe orders with pain in my heart. :wtf:
    don't want to count how many times I tried and got cancelled. :yucky:
  3. Agh, no luck for me and my MbyMJ Faridah either. And I wrote Customer Service emails and did the livechat to tell them how unprofessional it is to confirm an order and then cancel it. :crybaby:
  4. I had a Chloe and a Marc Jacobs cancelled yesterday. I picked up that Miu Miu frame bag this morning and it says it's "In Process", but we'll see if it actually goes through! *crossing fingers*
  5. mine is still cancelled-- bah!:crybaby: