Check on Amazon once in a while

  1. I remember reading Cheetos' post on moni moni bag on I just felt like browsing today and guess what? I saw moni moni eden in chocolate for only $147.79 and free shipping!!! Just like the white splender, there was only one left, and I got it. I highly recommend checking out for great deals!
    BTW, luna boston now has eden in caramel, which I actually wanted to get. There was only red one before, I think... Make sure to use luckybreaks3 for 25% off.
  2. Still there! Maybe they posted a second one.
  3. You are right! It was not available right after I bought it. They must have added another one. Great!
  4. greenabyss - I hope you don't mind, but I am going to repost under a more specific heading.