check it out.

  1. Wow, I love it. May be I should put myself in the waiting list.
  2. HOw come the seller bought it in 2004? I thought it was a new addition to the LV line?
  3. It says in the auction that it was a SO.:biggrin:
  4. it looks lovely. should i get the speedy or the knightbridge. so many choices!
  5. She has been trying to sell that for awhile. It used to be $999 (or close to it). I wanted to buy it SO bad but couldn't justify spending that on a Speedy. Now that it's coming in the regular line, she might have trouble selling it, even though it's $825 now. It's a gorgeous bag though! Can't wait to get my hands on one:amuse:
  6. Aaah I love it so much! It's so pretty :heart: I need to get one someday, it's just perfect!!
  7. hehe- she should've tried to sell it before Lv announced it was going to be "off the rack".
  8. Question, Does the date code say that it was made in 06, or am I not reading it right. If so, did she say she got it back in 04? I'm confused.
  9. For some a reason my eyes telling me 03, :huh: so born october 2003
  10. Okay, that makes sense. Thanks
  11. wow i really like it! but next month, it's arriving no? how much would it be?