Check it Out!!!!! Major-league Deal!!

  1. Sorry folks ... it's not a handbag, but I just scored a major deal on eBay and I just had to share!!!!!! So rarely do these items come up ...

    6ct+ Diamond Bangle ... will look excellent with my other ones!!! WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO ... made my day!!! :nuts: :biggrin: :wacko: :nuts: :biggrin:

  2. wow, that is really pretty.. good catch..
  3. Ha ... yeah, does look a little big doesn't it! Better that it be big than non-existent ... wouldn't want to lose a bracelet like this!

    I am SO EXCITED as I had been looking for another Diamond Bangle for my left-arm coterie!!
  4. Wow, it's beautiful! Are those rose cut diamonds? I'm such a fan of that cut....what a score!
  5. Ceejay,

    We need to see photos of your left and right arm coteries. Its a great bracelet. I was just surfing ebay jewerly myself when I saw your post.:amuse:
  6. I love when people find treasures that make them sooo happy.
  7. WOW!! That is beautiful.
  8. Gorgeous! I love the bangle style and not a regular tennis bracelet look to it. Congrats on your find and winning bid!
  9. WOW! Very nice!
  10. Wow! (No wonder you're cooling it with handbags!) -- Wear it well!!!!
  11. Oh that's stunning!!!!!!!!
  12. Yeah ... Jewelry is my "real" addiction!!!!! I took many years of Metalsmithing & Jewelry making at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts School as well as MassArt. However, my design skills were always way beyond my "technical" abilities which TOTALLY frustrated me! If I could find some folks to fabricate the work, I would quit my job in a heartbeat (it's still my 5-year plan!).
  13. I'm actually going to be taking some intro. to jewerly making courses in DC. I always have these things in my head that I can't find in any store. Do you still make pieces?
  14. wow its gorgeous! I love ebay! :smile: I always find the unique and hard to find things on it. Did you get a good deal for it?
  15. I was a metalsmith as well. So I totally understand - I do have someone who puts my ideas into metal now. I am going to PM you about your bracelet.:lol: