Check it out, Check it out! Blatantly fake Dr. Q Groovee! (or no??)

Is this bag fake or real?

  • Ugh, thats a blatant fake!

  • Hmm, I think its real

  • Dang, I really can't tell

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Aug 25, 2007
SF Bay Area, CA

Why am I so excited/worked up? Because I think this is fake, and if it really is, I am going to stop purchasing MBMJ off of Ebay!

I cant even begin to tell you how many MBMJ items I have bought from Ebay, all the while thinking it was totally cool because MBMJ isn't replicated. I admit, I've seen a fake turnlock teri here and there but it was so blatantly cheap looking and obviously not authentic, that it didn't really matter to me. Now, however, they have the ultra-luxe looking fakes that seem to have all the right details and honestly, I feel that my position as a buyer has been majorly compromised, and as a result, I may have to order MBMJ items directly from the boutiques.

About the bag in question:

Okay check out the interior lining. Its plain! When did MBMJ ever have any kind of plain lining in his bags? I cant think of any!

Look at the dust bag. Unless this is something new that MBMJ does, the script is all wrong.

The white tag in the first picture is (IMO) the wrong style tag for MBMJ styles

Despite all this, when I look at other aspects of the bag, I think it looks real. Check out the luggage tag, it looks totally correct. The leather on the bag looks pebbly, supple, well grained, and luxurious.

So, I'm very much leaning towards fake in regard to this bag, but Im not really sure.

What do you guys think?


Sep 9, 2006
i think this may be the best fake i have ever seen. you're right, the price tag, lining, and dustbag are all wrong, yet every other detail is correct. even the leather looks like the original! another thing i noticed is that the mbmj engraving on the keyring looks sloppy. it's as if they didn't do a good job sanding the edges of the letters down and darkening them. either way, it's scary that they've gotten so good with this particular mbmj style, but then again, i shouldn't underestimated the counterfeiters' abilities either. the worst part is that while we have many mj collection experts, we don't have as many who are as well versed in authenticating mbmj bags. i guess if people want to buy mbmj from ebay now, they'll have to take their chances even if they post on the authenticate this thread. i mean, details like lining and and the wrong dustbags are sure to act as enough of warning signs that we might be able to spot a fake still? at least i hope so!


OK just one more
Nov 28, 2006
ugh. this is kind of heartbreaking for me because the only way i could feed my mbmj addiction was through ebay or insane sales online. way to ruin a good thing, countefeiters :sad:

but yeah, like what tadpole said, the engraving on one of the loops is a bit sloppy. i noticed that they even had the engraving on the feet of the bag

what happens when they finally get the dustbag & the engraving right though....


Dec 4, 2005
Los Angeles/Orange County
UGH! so not cool. :tdown: i cant afford mbmj full price so ebay is my only source. It's almost laughable that they would copy it so carefully and then have such a shoddy dustbag. I'll just have to be even more careful!


where my ring at??!!
Jun 16, 2006
Washington, DC area
Definitely a fake. But I agree with everyone who says the leather looks pretty good. The lining is totally wrong along with the dustbag, so hopefully no one was fooled by this bag. This is why I am afraid of purchasing from eBay as well. I'll stick to sales and codes, too!


Marc Jacobs Fangirl
Dec 17, 2006
Providence, RI
On the real bags, there is no "middle foot" at the bottom of the bag. Mine only has four feet, one in each corner.

But I cannot believe how almost perfect this looks. It's scary.


Bag (and shoe) lady
Oct 27, 2006
I am not too experienced with this particular bag, but it doesn't look right to me. And the dustbag is, for lack of a better word, totally wack.

So, not an expert, but do not think it's real. Even though I can't put my finger on what exactly is wrong with the bag itself, if it's real I really doubt they'd offer it with that jacked-up dustbag :P


Dec 13, 2006
I was watching a Dr Q Groovee satchel on UK eBay and was thinking about getting it authenticated. However, I checked the sellers completed items and he/she had SO many purses that sold for way less than retail - Chloe, Miu Miu, Thomas Wylde - it just made me think that there was no way that all those (current season) bags could be authentic. Hence, my conclusion is that someone somewhere is faking the MbyMJs. :tdown:


Jan 14, 2007
whoa---that's really bad!
the leather around the interior zipper is way off, too.