~~Check In ~~

  1. I was just wondering as to how many ladies were out there waiting for midnight eastern time?

    Is the website even updates at midnight?

    I know Im waiting!!!
  2. ***waves hand up high***
  3. Thank goodness I am not the only one!!!!
  4. Awwww Mom....Are we there yet??????
  5. I just woke up (gee how convenient!)
  6. I didn't even know an update was going to happen! Glad I'm online now! :tup:

    *opens up new tab*
  7. I am eager to see if "my" optic satchel is getting deleted...

    I have a feeling it is... :push:
  8. :whistle:
  9. :popcorn:
  10. :yahoo: one minute!
  11. ill be here waiting to!! i prolly shouldnt but I am lol
  12. Me me me!!!! I'm waiting...well, it's 12 on the dot.....let's check!

    Kenia....don't say anything Chelsea is being deleted...I'm worried "my" satchel will be deleted too.:sad: let's see....
  13. Where is the update?? I need sleep Coach! lol
  14. :party:
  15. :popcorn::party: