CHECK HERE FIRST for S/S 2007 colour, leather and bag style etc.... CHIT CHAT only

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  1. or do i need to track down a red work now, and store it away??

    i think i read somewhere that there was a red in the next color lineup..

    all these beautiful red vif bags are keeping me up at night, calling my name!!
  2. there is a vermillion... which is a bright red color
  3. okay.. so there is hope for me..... i can wait till next season, and preorder a red work....

    thank god,,, now i may actually get some sleep. thanks!!

    has anyone seen swatches yet, or too early?
  4. Vermillion is more like an orangey-red. I guess kind of like last season's rouille but redder.
  5. I'm glad you asked this! I'm lusting after a red something myself. And yep, I think Vermillion is more orange... at least, I had a dress once and the color was Vermillion and my husband called it the carrot dress :shrugs:
  6. oooh..are the new colors announced??? i havent been here in a little bit
  7. New 2007 List according to Atelier Naff:
    • Naturel
    • Truffe
    • Cafe/Marrone/Dark chocolate
    • Vert gazon (grass green)
    • Vert d'eau (water green)
    • Marine/Dark sea
    • Turquoise
    • Rouge vermillon
  8. I'm loving the fact there's another turqoise color coming out :love:
  9. I think it will be more of an ORANGE/red too.
  10. Dark sea and water green sound very intriguing to me :P
  11. I'm really wanting either a marine day or city. Your thoughts? And can I order this now?
  12. I don't think they've hit the stores yet, except BalNY...but you could maybe order by phone from them if you aren't near NYC.
  13. Messengerbaglover I am going to BalNYC on Thurs . I can check out what they have and report back.
  14. THANKS! I actually called and they don't have any of the marine with NON-giant hardware. That's probably a good thing!
  15. You should get your name on a waiting list now, because thats who gets the bags first and then whatever is left is available to the general public.