Cheating when you buy from another store?

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  1. So I picked up my epi from the store today, but it wasn't my regular store....when I called 866, and they found one for me, it was close enough to just go get it, rather than transfer it to my regular store. Then I went to pick up my sandals at my regular store...I was there chit chating and looking at the look book for ao long I started to feel guilty for shopping at another

    Every happen to anyone else?
  2. Yes, I do! I had some Saks gift cards to spend so I used them at their lv counter. But I did tell my regular sa about it. She knows every bag I own, so when she saw my Saks lv purchase, I had to come clean! Luckily, she's very easy going.
  3. :yes:Shhh, I went to another store recently. I was kind of guilt-ridden so I bought something really tiny.
  4. I totally feel guilty when my regular store doesn't have something and I have to go elsewhere. I feel like I cheated on my SA!
  5. Yes, I totally feel guilty! LOL
  6. OMG, I am so glad I am not alone! I thought knock it off you're crazy.
  7. LOL're not alone!
  8. Lol, I was chatting with them, when they said, oh, Michelle is suppose to come in today...I thought, oh, crap! Michelle don't spill the beans on!
  9. Lol..I don't really shop at any other stores except when I'm on vacation which isn't very often. Usually if I ever do get pieces from another store, it's because my store has gotten them in for me.
  10. Sometimes I shop at different LVs, it just depends...I live within an hour of about 5 LV boutiques (2 of which are in department stores: Saks & Neimans). So, if there is something I really want that my nearest boutique is out of and I feel impatient I end up just getting it at one of the other boutiques. :shame:

    Over the past year I have to say I've been better about going to my "regular" SA since we've developed a good friendship but prior to that I really disliked the attitudes of many SA's my nearest LV so I didn't really care which boutique I purchased from.

    Not really sure about this but I was chatting with the manager at my local boutique and they said they don't make commission on sales...can anyone confirm this? I guess if this is the case then I don't feel as bad about "cheating" on my SA. Although I still would feel a teenie tiny bit guilty.
  11. Haha, I don't care esp when their service standards have slipped at one store or the other. We have 2 LV stores here. So when one sees me with a new purchase, they know I've been "unfaithful".
  12. yes i felt a little guilty going to another store tonight-
  13. I used to only shop at LV Copley Place (Boston) because I am within walking distance of Copley (and it was the only store in the state!)

    Now that an LV boutique opened in Saks in the same mall I will admit that my 4 most recent purchases have been at Saks... they've had the new items I wanted in stock faster than Copley, and they've given me better service :shame:

    At first I felt like I was cheating, but I guess it doesn't really matter in the end. It's all merchandise from the same company.
  14. I haven't met a really good SA yet so I don't feel much when I buy from different stores.
  15. I always go into other LV...but rarely purchase from them...only if I HAVE to...LOL