CHEATING the system....muhuhaha!

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  1. So...i have a question. I know they say if they do not have a store in your state then you dont have to pay tax. Maybe it's the indian in me (dot not feather haha) buttt i remember when i was little going to jewerly shops in california, buying a bunch of gold and diamonds and then claiming there was no shop in AZ so we didnt pay tax...but then they would mail an empty box to our house to prove it i guess?!?!

    sooooooooooo can we do that with our LVs? I'm in oklahoma and there sure is no lvs here and i plan to buy a whole buncha stuff from dallas when i go tomm sooooooooooooooooooooo what to do?
  2. You're not cheating the system. It's absolutely legal, according to our Constitution. Interstate transactions cannot be taxed UNLESS the vendor has a physical presence in both locations. However, the items are supposed to be shipped, not empty boxes.
  3. For your case, if you will go to LV store and buy something, you can have them ship to you (without paying tax since your state has no LV).

    I did it, twice..

    I went to LV in Chicago and bought some bags and had them ship to my home (no LV store in my state as well). They just charged for shipping (like $10).

    So, don't worry... just say " I'd like you to ship all of these to my place please".
  4. ohhhhhhh cool! but why dont more people do this??? the appeal of having the bag in your hands is too high??? i dont know im thinking we can save HUNDREDS of dollars on tax? ok maybe just a hundred...but still! isnt it worth it??

    have you done it before restricter?? is it worth it?? (btw thanks for the info!)

  5. oh COOL! did u save a lot of money? or are we talking like 40 bucks??

    Mannn this just could be a perk of living in hicktown! haha :smile:
  6. I did save a lot..

    The bag is $16xx and the tax is 9% for the first bag.
    Then, another bag is $1180 and the tax is $9%.


    Ps. I usually don't shop at LV store, just eLux and 866 (without tax for me in both way).
  7. wow not bad, thats like a pochette right there!!!

  8. I live in New York and all of the surrounding states have boutiques, too. No savings for me, boohoo. I know about it because, er, I'm a lawyer.
  9. hey luved! yup! totally works. where i live we have the lowest sales tax in canada. when i find a piece somewhere else- they ship direct to me (fedox overnite!) and my tax which is 6% as oppose to 13%~
    work it girl! then u can enuf to buy a keycahin or somethin!
  10. I can't imagine living in a state without a LV boutique.

    California has more than enough.
  11. ohhhh thats whats im doing in school! haha :smile: i hope you like it :smile: i needed a profession to support my handbag addiction haha being a reporter just wasnt cutting it!!!
  12. mannn i never thought i would either, but i just moved to oklahoma for law school (and my mba ;) ) butttttttttt i think i might like this whole thing of no store!! itll make me focus and when i do want one, its only a 3 hour drive andddddddd i dont have to pay tax which means MORE STUFF!!!

    buttt i just asked my mom shes like no :sad: dont do that because i dont have my condo yet im staying at an apt and she doesnt want people to know all the shopping i do and everything i get shipped here :sad: sooooooooooo what to do
  13. Congrats on your studies.
  14. I wish I did not have to pay sales tax. I live in Cal and they charge tax on everything. If I did not have to pay sales tax, I could have saved thousands on my LVs. how can I get out of paying sales tax, living in Californnia?
  15. I only have them ship it when I can't make it to the store. Yes, I know I would save money, but I'm too impatient, lol.