"Cheating" on Your SA?

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  1. I didn't want to hijack the other SA thread so I decided to start a new one. I dropped by the Chanel boutique ( Saks on 5th Ave in NY) earlier today because the SA who sold me my first bag was back from vacation (and had emailed me the evening he returned from vaca regarding a bag I was inquiring about).

    Jonathan Snipes is so awesome and really spent a lot of time helping me during my initial visit. Unfortunately, he was on vacation a week later when I purchased the Cerf tote and Diamond Stitch Tote. I know it sounds silly but I feel awful not going through the same person. During a time when customer service is truly dead I like to remain loyal to associates who really care about their customers. Thankfully, he showed me a cute brown bag and I was in love again so something tells me I will be using his services again soon.:drool:

    Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else ever felt a sense of loyalty to their SA? :shrugs:
  2. LOL! Funny you bring this up the other day I was wearing a Chanel bag purchased from the Chanel boutique when I went into NM, I knew my SA there would know she didn't sell it to me...I almost turned around and left, in fact I walked around thinking about how do I handle this for a few minutes. But I walked up confessed that yes, I bought this elsewhere but in all honesty - our relationship was very new at the time, blah, blah, blah. She laughed and said it was fine but I felt like I was confessing at church or something...hehehehe.:P
  3. I have 4 SAs I work with, 1 from Saks and 3 from Neiman's. Although I am about to let one go.
  4. We have two Chanels here and they are a very short distance from each other, on the same street... so the SAs know each other and what goes on with each store.

    I have SAs at both stores and it feels so awkward. I just bought a pair of shoes at one Chanel, when I knew they were also available in my size, at the other Chanel, down the street, where my favourite SA is. I felt so guilty, but I just wanted to buy them and go.
  5. I only have on SA, at the Ala Moana boutique here on Oahu. There is only one other Chanel boutique in Waikiki on island, and I can always do a charge-send if they have something I want that the Ala Moana doesn't have.

    Our Neiman Marcus doesn't carry Chanel so I don't have to worry about it. We don't have Nordstrom yet, but I really do hope when they open in March that they will carry Chanel.

    I will feel bad though, if I get something from Nordstrom because my SA at Ala Moana won't get the commission...
  6. I only have one Chanel SA who I have worked with for YEEEEEEEEARS, I cheated on him once bc he wasnt there and i didnt him to see if he was working I felt terrible about it, haha. But he is leaving the boutique now and I feel like my husband is leaving me, haha
  7. I have more than 1 SA, You have to! Its more service, so you can get what you want and thats all the matters.
  8. Other than the one SA at Saks, Chevy Chase, I have NEVER met any of the SA's I use. I wonder in NM at Tysons and the Chanel boutique, but purchase over the phone from 1 of 3 across the US (I have # for a few others but have yet to use them). I know that the SA at Saks must wonder where my bags come from, but I have tax ordering from BG and NM gets the better colors and styles (or so it seems, lol) and that's why I order from them. Sometimes it's the catalog/magazine division of Chanel/NM. It just depends.

    Saying all that, if I called BG and Joseph wasn't it and there was a bag I HAD TO HAVE, I would call him on his cell. I wouldn't cheat on him w/another SA there. Same at the other places. Excellent CS is worth doing that for.
  9. I am new to Chanel, but so far all of the SA's I have worked with have been great and understand that sometimes you buy from others. I bought my first items from NM as the SA was so patient with me and held the items when I told her I was ready to buy. I had met a great SA at the Chanel boutique, and I bought a pair of sunglasses from her. She has me on waitlist for the S/S 2008 purple reissue, so I hope to be able to get that from her.
    Neither the boutique or NM had the timeless clutch I wanted, so I had to get those from Saks but both other SA's understood.
  10. I feel loyalty towards my SA. She was on vacation once and I just waited on my purchase. A price increase wasn't imminent and I just really felt good giving her my business. I figured a few more days wouldn't hurt me.

    I would consider "cheating" in the event that the boutique wasn't getting a certain color and I had no choice but that aside, I am loyal.
  11. Reading all the posts on this thread reminds me of the time I was in the Chanel Beverly Hills boutique and my SA wasn't in so I asked for the manager and he helped me find what I was looking for (as I had not called my SA in advance - so nothing was being "held" for me) and he had it rang up on my SA's behalf to make sure she got the sale / commission. Later in speaking with my SA she said the manager told her I came in and that he had it rang for her at my request. So, that was nice and the sale got credited to my SA without using another SA....:angel:
  12. I know what you mean. I try to ask when my SA is going to be working, and go at that time. I used to have a steady one in cosmetics that I worked w/ for years (she left after being promoted), if she was not there I would even hold off on my purchase and wait for her...
  13. I only have one SA that I go through. I don't buy anything from anyone else.

    The only occasion where I had to though, was when I found out the Chanel boutiques were all sold out of the metallic wallet on chain that I wanted. I had to do a catalog order through Neiman Marcus. I wish I could have gotten it through her so that she could have gotten the commission, but since there were none available in the CHANEL system, I had no other choice.
  14. My friend in Los Angeles is working with the best S/A from Neiman Marcus texas - Stephanie.

    She had all kinds of issues with not receiving the right bag and being on a tight time frame to give it as a gift and with all the issues that have come up for her - she says Stephanie has been fantastic at getting everything resolved and making her happy.
    She would rather make my friend happy than just try to unload a bag on her.
    I will buy all my bags from her as well as my friend.
    I think if you find one that truly seems to care - stick with her !:tup::tup:
  15. I try to be loyal to one person at Neimans, Saks, Bloomies, Nordstrom and the Boutique. However with my local stores there have been times when I just stopped by and they were not there and someone else spent a lot of time showing me things and talking me into a purchase so I feel like I should give that person credit for the effort versus calling my regular SA at the same store afterwards to have her book it. That doesn't feel right. When I know I am looking for something ahead of time I call my main SAs directly about it first...but sometimes I just happen upon something or am introduced to something by someone else and often have to move quickly before it is gone. It is awkward when they are in the same store while their colleague is booking your order and the other is standing right there while you are on the phone with them. :s