Cheating on NYC with Hong Kong... Help!

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  1. I'll be relocating to Hong Kong for a year or two for work. I've never been there! I am going to miss NYC tons, but I hear HK is great fun too. Not looking forward to the hot and humid weather there though.

    Any PFers from HK? I'm curious about the living standards there, and the rent situation on HK island.

    ANY tip is GREATLY appreciated!!! :smile: TIA!!
  2. I've been to HK quite a number of times... I don't know about living there though... very very crowded... and humid... but tons of malls... u will b very busy shopping... so u will always have something to do... and so much good food... what I love is transportation is so easy... they have the cleanest subways... very easy and convenient to go around... I think u'll have alot of fun... not sure if u into bars but first stop should be Lan kwai Fung keke... all the bars are there... very cool place... or major shopping at Causewaybay...
  3. HK is like the NYC of asia. you'll be fine. lots to discover and lots of expats. rent is about the same as NYC. stay in the mid levels, that's where most of the expats stay, it's up market as well. it'll be fun! Shopping: the landmark (all the big boutiques are generally there), lane crawford is the saks/bergdorf equivalent try the local food there too! buy home chinese tea and the little nick nacks (little embriodary pouches, table runners etc)