Cheating on LV and proud of it.

  1. This is a bad week to live in or near NYC. Prada, Hermes, Jimmy Choo and Mulberry are having sample sales. Whether any real damage is done depends on what they have at the sales and lately, I'm really liking Prada.

    Lordy, it's gonna be a bad week for my bank account.
  2. wow, I never knew Hermes things went on SALE??!!
  3. I wish I didn't live 1,500 miles from NY :cry:
  4. I keep saying I am going to save mega bucks and go on a NY shopping spree. I envy you NYer's with all the great flagship stores. Of course I always have something to buy so I probably will never make it there. Maybe that is a good Enjoy the sales and keep us posted on what you buy. Don't forget pics.
  5. I so glad LV doesn't go on sale I hate it when ppl go like ohhh I have the same one and I got it on sale and you know you paid the full price...
  6. how fun, I wish sample sales were in my area. I wish LV would have a sale or outlet, or some kind of point system
  7. Me too, I'm glad LV doesnt go on sale. Like when I bought a Gucci tote for full retail price and it went on sale a few months after, sucks.
  8. I don't think I would be as loyal to LV if it went on sale. I Only get other brands if I can get some kind of discount (VAT, sales whatever).
  9. I wish I lived close to NY too :push:
  10. God, why can't any cities near me have wonderful things like sample sales??? :cry:
  11. I'd be proud too but good thing I don't like in NYC or anywhere close to it.

    I don't think I would be able to afford a place to live although I could live in my bags! :roflmfao:
  12. I disagree I love sales is always smart to save money

  13. Not true. They do go on sale. Meaning you can buy giftcards to say a Macy's in NYC for 20% off at and the go to macy's and buy your LV bags for 20% off. Or if you know someone working in LV you can have them buy you there slightly damaged items for 50% off during the employee sale.
  14. It's probably for the better that I don't live near any sample sales. I spend to much money as it is.
  15. Its my understanding that its not the bags that go on sale but things like scarves, ties, shoes, RTW and such.