Cheating on Louis

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  1. I need your opinions, my guilty conscience is killing me!! In the beginning of January I bought the Gucci guccissima brown leather messenger bag and today when I was at the mall I saw the LV messenger sling in the window and felt soo bad because all I have is Louis and I feel like I cheated! I tried on the LV sling and its nice, screams Louis, but there are two things I didn't like about it. One the size and two the strap is a rough cloth like material and would rub my neck. My Gucci is all leather and at least 3 inches bigger all around.


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  2. It's okay to cheat on Louis, he doesn't have to the be the only love in your life. Variety is the spice of life. Treasure your gucci, it is obvious from you post that the gucci is what you adore.
  3. I love LV, but I have to say, between the two, I think the Gucci is a better looking bag.....
  4. The Gucci is nice :okay:
  5. i would've gone with the gucci too. i actually have the fabric version of that bag and use it whenever i travel.
  6. Thank you ladies - I feel better having your opinions. I kept bugging my DH, but he thinks I'm crazy and can't give me a straight answer. :ty:
  7. i like the gucci one ...
  8. It's ok to dabble in other brands! I was all about LV until recently, when I cheated with Miu Miu and even more recently with YSL. I'm even happier with my collection now though!
  9. It's ok to cheat!!! Buy what you like and don't feel guilty!! I have the Damier Pochette Bosphore and love it but the strap does ride up a bit on my neck. However, the strap is more of a nylon webbing than the strap on the Mono version PB. But, it's a good bag and I streamline what I put inside the PB because it's not a deep or wide bag.
  10. I am exclusive to LV and won't look at any other designer now...all my Gucci's, Prada's and MJ's sit in my closet....they were such a waste looking back now...I will never go back to any other is lvoe and LV is it....
  11. +1
  12. What ever fits the bill, is what you should get!!! Once you have seen the choices for either brand, picks the one that can give you the most wear.
  13. I am lurking around Chanel these days... so it is ok.
  14. ^I've been lurking around Chanel too! I haven't bought one yet though! I have a feeling I'd feel guilty too...mainly because my SA has been so great to's more like I'd be cheating on him!

    Enjoy your Gucci!
  15. I did not marry LV nor do they give me any discounts or sales--that said it is ok to buy from others I love Hermes( cannot afford, but lust) and I love Gucci and like Prada and Ferragamo, Chanel too. So until one of them gives me special discounts I am a free woman.LOL