Cheating on KOOBA

  1. Anyone experience urges to cheat on KOOBA lately? I recently purchased a GUSTTO lg. Parina and an LV Damier Azur Speedy 30...nothing from KOOBA's new line has really jumped out at me. :shame:
  2. I've done a lot of cheating lately - with Botkier, Rebecca Minkoff, and LV. But Kooba still holds a special place in my heart. :love:
  3. Linea Pelle for me. Two very squishy bags.
  4. I will definitely be cheating on Kooba soon, the new styles just do not appeal.
  5. Me too. I've expanded into Gustto. I now have 3 Baca bags. :whistle:
  6. I love the squishiness and light as a feather weight of my PARINA is the BACA, Shewolfy? Same softness? What sizes do you own?
  7. Sara-
    What RM do u have? I have the MA mini in glazed espresso and I adore it!
  8. Yes, I've been quite the cheater this year. Though I've bought and sold a lot of Koobas, I've also had a Gustto Baca and a handful of Balenciagas... 2 Firsts, 2 Cities, and one Part Time.

    The only bag so far from Kooba's fall collection that I've been enamored with has been the Hannah clutch (though I haven't used it yet!). I'm hoping something from the spring collection catches my eye! ;)
  9. Cheating on Kooba has been averted until another day.... I just bought an auburn Brynne today. Yippee :yahoo:
  10. I've been bad too, bought a Chloe and a Bbag. Sold off most of my Koobas, but find myself wanting more. I tend only to look at the older styles though, don't care for the new ones.
  11. I have that bag Mini! It's gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!! I too am sticking with Kooba, at least this week :smile: I just got my first MA Sienna in the mail yesterday :heart:

  12. Wow, I love the stamping on that RM! Very lovely!
  13. Thank you! :smile:
  14. It's my favorite bag of all time. I have the large one in vintage brown, and the smaller one in red and cognac. I have a friend who is going to go to the next sample sale in NYC and as long as I pay for parking for her she's going to hook me up!! I want a parina in espresso. That it what I'm on the lookout for now. Do you know anything about the Setela?