Cheaters poll!

  1. OK, it seems as if this is a hot topic lately, so I decided to make one up to ease the guilt of "cheating" on Hermes by allowing you to see others' tendencies to stray...Just list your favorite items (either the ones you already have, lust after, or plan to buy) of any of the fashion houses/brands of the following items, and of course, it's OK to not list Hermes:P

    Handbags: tri-color Kelly, blue jean Birkin, LV Trompe L'Oeil pochette

    Clothing: black lace Oscar de la Renta dress, chiffon raspberry Prada dress, anthracite turtleneck alpaca chunky Hermes sweater I just bought, Joe's jeans, my various tops and T-shirts from C&C, Theory, and James Perse

    Shoes: silver D'Orsay Manolo Blahniks with rhinestone buckle

    Other Accessories: my Neiman Marcus-brand yellow lizard coin purse
  2. Love this!

    Handbags: aside from my enormous list of H-bags that I am dying for, and which changes daily, I am strongly considering buying a Chocolate Chanel Cerf Tote with cc closure.

    Wallet: Debating this right now but might get the Paris/New York Wallet or a LV wallet

    Clothing: New Seven Jeans or Citizens, sweaters from J Crew (love them), Theory and BCBG suits, James Perse t's and tops, BCBG tops, and would really love a D&G suit for formal but that is going to have to wait until I loose the rest of my baby weight.

    Shoes: Jimmy Choo boots, Manolo black patent mary janes, Laboutin shoe boots (from NM they are hot hot hot) and a great pair of stilettos
  3. I have to say, I myself am a cheater

    Handbags: burgandy croc Hermes Birkin, Dior gaucho, any large quilted Chanel with chain handles and of course the everyday speedy 30.

    Sunglasses: Large purple diors, oh so cute...makes me feel like I'm cheating on my new Chanels. :'( And I'm dying for the Fendi aviators

    Clothing: NFY dark skinny jeans, Gucci purple mink, Karoo Mark Eisen cashmere sweater, Johnson Louise shorts, Roberto Cavalli silk print dress, 3.1 Phillip Lim black sweater dress, and anything Louis Vuitton that I can get my little fingers on

    Shoes: Dolce Vita short boots in gray, Manolo thigh high cut out boots, my new gucci's!! soooo cute, they are short black boots with the gold emblem on the sides. omg, i'm in love.

    scarf: Rachel Pally pashmina, Hermes white silk scarf, Louis Vuitton cotton multicolor bandana.

    oh so many...
  4. Bags - Hermes 30 cm Birkin in Rouge H is my dream, but I love Chanel's medium classic flap in caviar, LV Papillon, Chanel Cerf tote, Balenciaga red first '03 with silver hardware

    Wallet - Hermes bearn, LV Epi French purse

    Clothing - Citizens or RnR jeans, Theory Max C pants (I live in these for work!), BCBG dresses

    Shoes - Charles David stilettos and boots (until I can afford Manolos), Lacoste and Pumas for casual wear
  5. What fun!!

    Handbags: vermillion chevre Kelly (still waiting for this one), black box mini Kelly, turquoise chevre Bolide, LV Damier Malesherbes (centenairre edition)

    Clothing: black cashmere turtleneck, faded skinny jeans, red Bruno Magli fold-down boots (can you tell I'm anxiously awaiting autumn?)

    Scarf: Pierres d'Orient et d'Occident in black with orange

    Sunglasses: LV Soupcon PM in dark honey glitter
  6. Purses: along with my awesome Hermes bags, I have a Gucci waist bag (necessary for certain places); LV damier; Prada leather; LV suhali white bag;

    Clothes: I have a lot of cashmere sweaters - love J Crew ones! Love my leather jackets from Banana Republic and my Cole Haan Shearling jacket;

    Shoes: My Manolos in the animal print faux fur are my favorites! Love Stuart Weitzman and just got a new pr. of light tan wedge boots;

    Wallet: Love my H azap but needed a color to go with red bags and got the PNY Chanel zip - love this as well;

    I'm sure I'll think of more! Cool thread!:yes:
  7. Handbags: I am a cheater, I just ordered a black Balenciaga City. I plan to add a Bolide later this year. My Kelly is still my number one bag but I don't want to use her everyday, the poor thing needs a break occasionally. I also really love my Chanel Cerf Tote. I am really pairing down my bags though, I am going to clean out my closet and keep only about 6-7 that I will really use. My favorite evening bag is a black satin Bottega Veneta that I have had for about 13 years. It looks as beautiful today as the day I bought it.

    Clothing: I am fairly cheap when it comes to clothing but when I get to my goal weight, I am going to reward myself with a couple of Anne Fontaine Shirts. I love that store.

    Other Accessories: I just bought the most beautiful Missoni poncho (I need a cap now) and I love Pucci Scarves almost as much as Hermes. There are a couple on Eluxury I am thinking of buying.
  8. I have to add the list of things that I already own which are my favorite while I await to add Hermes to the list

    Handbags: Black Gucci horsebit converitble clutch (Tom Ford rocks), Chloe Paddy, Balenciaga Ink City and MJ Black GH Blake (great for work). Cannot wait to add a Birkin to this list!

    Clothing: Dolce & Gabanna Black Strapless dress (this is my Little Black Dress- fits like a glove), Citizens jeans; cashmere sweaters from everywhere; Vintage Valentino Black Leather Blazer/Jacket (was my mom's and I inherited this bad boy)

    Shoes: I am a bit of a shoe whore but my absolute favorites that I own are my black Jimmy Choo Stiletto tall Boots; Manolo Grey flannel black patent cap toe mary janes; Jimmy Choo "Jag" sandals; chanel pink and black cap toe mules; cow boy boots from some brazilian designer I cannot remember

  9. I saw a tri color kelly (I think it was black, red straps, orange/potiron flap, pall hw) the other day at my local H boutique. Didnt go into the store, just saw it quickly from outside as I walked past by the store, it was sitting at the shelves. A 32 or 35 I think.. not sure about the leather.

    K, my turn.. this is fun.. :P

    Bags: rouge h chamonix birkin, vibrato birkin, raisin box calf birkin, black box calf birkin, thalassa blue chevre birkin (all in size 30), black box or havana 32 or 28 kelly. I am not craving for other brands lately, not even LV :crybaby:, feel a bit guilty coz LV used to be my love before H, but honestly, none of the new designs really attracts me at all.

    Clothes: fairly cheap. I dont particularly care for designer brands for clothes. I just want to add more gowns for evening (lotsa weddings lately and I have nothing to wear!).

    Shoes: any high heels. I :heart: high heels as I am a shortie!
  10. I cheat too.....:wtf:

    WALLET: Two (TWO) Chanels! One compact in Caviar and one compact in Lambskin. One LV in black Epi leather. No Hermes.....yet :graucho:

    BAGS: Welllll....other than my beloved Hermes, I have: one LV 25-year old Speedy (Mom's), Chanel 255 Grey Medium Reissue and Chanel Deerskin Bolt bag. Oh and one old HCL backpack I use when traveling.

    CLOTHING: White shirts (and I buy these from wherever I fall in love...could be Gap, Facanable, Anne Fontaine, Target), T's from Petite Bateau, Levi's Jeans, very well fitting jackets (these I spend a little moola on), cashmere sweaters. Just bought H cashmere stole :love: and next on my Fall list? Hermes GLOVES!

    SHOES/BOOTS: My Louboutin leopard print mules (too small but I don't CARE!), like to wear heels to give me a little height and I'm a slave to boots...have quite a little collection and one pair of "cowboy" boots I bought in Milan a couple of years ago and have had re-soled about twice already! Just bought a pair of Prada black suede booties that I can't wait to wear....probably live in those baby's!

    SCARVES: I used to love Etro but now I'm totally gone on Hermes! I'm really loving the vintage ones.....:girlsigh:

    I LOVE this thread!
  11. Some of my favorite things:
    Bags that are in constant rotation are:
    Hermes blue jean trim, Jimmy Choo Rosso, Jimmy Choo Ramona and LV Saleya PM
    Favorite clothes are my J Crew Jeans, Hermes cashmere sweaters, Michael Kors khaki pants, Gucci double breasted coat, Hermes cashmere coat and Armani little black dress.
    Favorite shoes:
    Jimmy Choo black heels, Lambertson Truex flats, Mizuno running sneakers and rainbows flip flops
    Other accessories:
    My engagement and wedding rings, Hermes alligator bearn, Hermes Poret greyhound scarf, and my gold charm bracelet.
  12. oh this is fun!

    Bags: LV Recital, LV Speedy 25, LV Saleya PM Want to get: Chanel Cerf and an LV Groom cles for my keys (when it comes out).

    Clothes: I need lots of new fall stuff but I'm holding out because we just joined a gym and I've been working out like crazy trying to lose some weight. :lol: Need new sweaters/ tops/ skirts

    Shoes: Would love to get a pair of CL's or Manolos. I don't have any high end shoes. But did just get a pair of Black and white Mary Janes at Payless. :lol: They are so cute I couldn't resist.:flowers:
  13. I read the original post wrong ... ok, let's try again ... my favorite stuff ...

    Clothes: All the tops I got from Armani Exchange!!!
    Shoes: Not a shoes person so ... none
    Jewelries: All my TeNo Rings!

    I think that's it. My list is pretty pathetic...
  14. lovely, lovely, lovely......all of it!!!!!!
  15. Handbags: LV Fuschia Houston, Chanel Kelly Bag, Hermes Black Box Kelly, Miel Croc Kelly, lusting for a Rouge Vif 35cm Birkin,
    Clothing: I like wear a jacket w/jeans, some St. John pieces, Chanel tops

    Shoes: I have the same Louboutins as Shopmom but in the heel version, love my Chanel Ballet flats and my puma running shoes.

    Scarf: Hermes paddock in brick.

    Sunglasses: various Chanel's