Cheated on Marc with Chloe and feeling mighty remorseful

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  1. So I took the plunge. No doubt, heartened by the mania that is so prevalent on here, I went ahead and bought a large Chloe Betty satchel. And a Paddington wallet. So, I lay awake for two consecutive nights, tossing and turning. How could I drop a G like it was nothing? Actually more like 1300 altogether but whose counting right?

    Nonetheless, I looked forward to this highly acclaimed bag that was coming to me.

    Wow, I hated this bag. Sure the leather was nice...but not any better than an MJ. The bag was huge, and has only one inner zippered pocket. No celly holder, no PDA holder. Definitely not worth 1K! I was so unimpressed, that I sent Betty back 5 minutes later.

    Moral of this story...Still lovin my MJ's and MBMJ's...The best, most beautiful, most functional bags a woman can buy.

  2. and..yeah I realize a lot if not most higher end bags dont come with little pockets inside...but GEEZ, the Betty was a huge lunchbox with no organization abilities except for those pain in the ass zippered pockets outside.
  3. Wow, I know exactly what you mean! My momentary lapse in judgment led me to purchase a Chloe too. It took me less than 24 hours to decide it wasn't the bag for me. Now I have 3 MJs on the way to makeup for my mistake! ;)
  4. I'm currently carrying my MbMJ Softy Faridah, and I'm totally LOVING all the pockets - SO convenient for organization! I don't think I'll be able to go back to any other bag after this!
  5. not to mention chloes are so darn heavy
  6. Just like the old adage says...sometimes you don't realize how much you appreciate something until it's gone! Thankfully you didn't lose any MJ bags, you just needed to be reminded of how great they are!! :yes:
  7. I can't say I like the Chloe's either... They just don't do it for me like MJs do. The leather is too thick and the organization isn't there. How can you tell which side is which on a Betty??

    Melly's got three bags on the way, eh?? Do share!!
  8. ^^I agree! Melly don't hold out on us! I love seeing your purchases!
  9. i so regret getting my chloe paddington, it's the one bag that i got the least use out of, it became my who cares if i take it on vacation and just toss around bag. it's heavy and such a task to get things in and out of the bag... i got caught up in the hype w/o knowing when it was the IT bag and now it'll just sit in my closet...

    i've been a loyal dior only fan up until this year as i am venturing out and got a miu miu and now a marc jacobs stam :smile: the leather quality and classic style of marc jacbos is incomparable, i'm in love!
  10. Actually, now it's four. :shame: Don't worry; I'll be sure to post pics when they arrive!
  11. OMG Melly 4 bags!! LOL

    can't wait to see....:graucho:
  12. Feeling the same way guys...

    I've been in SUCH an MJ funk for the last year! I've been cheating with multiple partners - Balenciaga, most notably. Feeling pretty ashamed.
  13. I never cheat on Marc :blush: but I don't like gold hardware (or many of the new 'styles'), so I'm on bag hiatus...I'd go for a Stam with silver hardware in a NY minute...
  14. I own small variety of different bags with my Betty as one of my favs. I own a few MJ bags and love the hardware and suede linings. Can't wait to see your pics.
  15. I actually love most of the Chloe bags, they are like eye candies!! I love its leather and design; however, I think that they are too heavy for practical use!! Bummer!!